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Backgammon Themes for the Discriminating Player

At DC Backgammon, we create photorealistic backgammon themes, or boards, that are designed to offer a more immersive digital gaming experience. We believe that, as in the real world, the beauty of the elements — board, checkers, dice, cube — dramatically enhances one's enjoyment of playing backgammon.

We currently offer around unique 50 backammon themes and all theme elements are rendered with what we hope is a sophistication and craftsmanship that's unparalleled in the digital backgammon world. Some themes feature authentic natural elements such as soft leathers and fine woods; others pair contemporary metals with electronic sound effects and LED dice and cubes. You'll find an array of modern translucent precision dice, exotic Mother of Pearl checkers and unusual antique checkers.

Our boards are big (around 1490 pixels by 1036 pixels), designed to accommodate large modern displays. But don't worry… if you have a smaller display (e.g., a laptop), BG Blitz automatically downscales and beautifully re-renders all theme elements.

Explore our themes and download the freebies. You can purchase your favorite backammonthemes individually, or, for a limited time, purchase complete collections at steeply discounted prices. (*Please note that discounted pricing is subject to change.)

NOTE: Our themes are "skins," rather than a backgammon application in themselves. All our themes are designed to work only with BG Blitz professional backgammon software, version 2.8 (free upgrade) or later, which is available in Mac OS X (10.5 or higher), Windows (XP or higher) and Linux (2.6 or higher). Download a free upgrade, or, if you don't yet own BG Blitz, download the free demo here.