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DC Backgammon Themes User License

©2014 DC Backgammon Themes. All worldwide rights reserved.

DC Backgammon Themes are copyrighted, proprietary intellectual property and DC Backgammon retains exclusive legal rights over the production, distribution, display, and performance of all components of these Themes.

Your Usage Rights

When you purchase a DC Backgammon theme, you are purchasing personal usage rights only. This license agreement is not in any way a transfer of any other intellectual property rights to you. Your usage rights do not expire. You are free to use your Theme with any of your current and future copies of BG Blitz software in perpetuity (i.e., forever).

Your license is not transferrable to anyone else. However, your license does grant you legal permission to transfer our Themes to multiple computers or workstations that are owned and used solely by you.

Our Rights and Enforceability

Intellectual property rights include the look and feel of our Themes. DC Backgammon retains full copyright to every aspect of the design and art works included with these Themes. This means that you may not, in whole or in part, duplicate, reproduce, reverse engineer, or create derivative works from any component of any artwork included with any DC Backgammon Theme, whether that Theme was purchased or given to you by us free of charge. You may not adapt any component of any Theme for any purpose, including, but not limited to, use with other software (e.g., other backgammon software).

You may not share, copy, modify, sublicense, sell/resell, bundle or distribute in any manner any element of DC Backgammon Themes (including, but not limited to, any subcomponent of the board/background, dice, cube, checkers, audio files, turn indicators, point numbers) other than as specified under the above Your Usage Rights section of this agreement.

We ask that you please respect our work and sincerely hope that you will. However, this notice shall also serve as fair warning that all Theme elements contain embedded digital watermarks, to ensure that any derivative work created from our artwork is traceable, and that our legal rights are enforceable.