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Why do your themes only work with BG Blitz backgammon software?

We chose BG Blitz backgammon software because we believe that this app offers the most sophisticated multi-platform backgammon experience, for every level of player, from the novice to the pro. Over time, BG Blitz can literally turn amateur players into pros. We believe that BG Blitz's robust AI (artificial intelligence) and its optional tutor are second to none. With every roll of the dice, for example, BG Blitz's AI evaluates over 200,000 future positions in a split second. Not to mention that BG Blitz's code architecture allows near-infinite design flexibility, which, for us, means continuing to develop new themes that will, hopefully, engage and delight.

Why do you sell your backammon themes instead of giving them away for free?

One simple reason: With our themes, each board, each theme element is incredibly time-consuming to develop. You can see that we do, however, offer our themes at minimal cost to put them in as many hands as possible in hopes that the economies of scale will make our continued development efforts worthwhile.

By the way, we are giving away some themes. Please free to download them here


What version of BG Blitz is required?

Version 2.8 or later is required because some of our themes offer new features, such as centered cubes, numbers on the case face to provide clutter-free boards, and multiple checkers (older versions supported only one checker "face" for each player). (Download a free upgrade, or, if you don't yet own BG Blitz, download the free demo here.)

What operating systems are supported?

Mac OS X (10.5 or higher), Windows (XP or higher) and Linux (2.6 or higher).

Will my themes work with future versions of BG Blitz?

Yes. Our themes are designed according to BG Blitz's developer specifications to ensure that they will be upwardly compatible with future versions of BG Blitz.

How are themes delivered after payment?

Immediately. Buy now, play in 5 minutes! Upon payment, you'll automatically be directed to a page containing download links for all themes purchased. You'll also receive an email confirmation (@ your PayPal email address) containing the download links. Themes are delivered in OS-neutral ZIP archives.

How do I install themes after purchase?

To install your new themes in BGBlitz, you'll simply run BGBlitz… select Setup > Install Theme from ZIP and choose your DC Backgammon ZIP archive on your hard drive. The download page you'll receive after the transaction is complete will include a link for an Installation Read Me file. Each theme ZIP archive also includes a copy of this Installation Read Me file. (If your theme includes extra bonus checker sets or bonus boards, your Read Me file will include instructions for swapping checker sets or backgrounds.) That's it!


I experienced an Internet glitch while ordering… did my purchase go through?

When your PayPal transaction is complete, you'll be directed to a download page by our deliver processor Shoplocket. You will also receive a confirmation email at your Paypal address. If you don't receive email confirmation, please check your SPAM folder and log in to your PayPal account to check transactions. If there's no record of payment, your order didn't go through. If your order didn't go through for whatever reason, you'll need to place your order again. Sorry!

I believe I paid, but after the transaction was complete, I didn't see a page with download links and I didn't receive email confirmation…

Please check your PayPal account to ensure that the transaction was paid. If your order was paid, we should have a PayPal record of your payment and can provide you with an alternative way to receive your order. Please visit our Contact page and contact us directly. Be sure to provide us with your PayPal email address and tell us which themes you purchased.

Can I buy themes by phone?

Sorry, we're currently unable to take phone orders.

Any other questions, contact us here.


What legal rights are purchased with each DC Backgammon theme?

You may read the DC Backgammon Themes User License here